Numbers 34:18 NLT “Enlist one leader from each tribe to help them with the task”

Did God give you an idea and you’ve witnessed it manifest? Has the vision opened doors of opportunity for you? Are you in a season where you need help perfecting your skills for the God-ordained vision, but not sure where its coming from? Do you believe that God will place your name on the mind of someone who can help propel you forward?

This year God opened many doors for Pray The Impossible, to the point where every month I’ve had opportunities to attend events promoting and speaking about Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours. Recently, I posted a clip of me speaking at a vendor event which prompted my line sister’s husband to reach out to me. He messaged me asking if we could chat because he had some ideas for the work that I do. We scheduled a conference call for the following Saturday after my vending event. The morning of my event, I read a prophetic word on an Instagram post that read: “God is about to put your name on the mind of someone who can help or advance you. For the lord has said IT IS YOUR TIME. The lord will send people into your life who can help you. People to assist you, speak into you, and support you as you move forward in this season”. After reading the post, I said out loud: “God I need help. I need someone to help record while I’m at these events. Thank you for my staff”. As scheduled, after my event my “brother -in -law” and I connected in regards to his ideas. He wanted to get an idea and a better understanding of where I see myself and my brand going in the future, because he enjoys seeing me at different events and the growth thus far.

I shared with him: “I see myself speaking fulltime as a Spiritual Friendvisor (a friend who gives advice based off of godly wisdom), a term in which I coined and refer to myself as, in a couple of years. My current book and the books that I will write in the future are the vehicles that will get me in the door”. Now that he had a gist of my vision, he was led to share a few things with me that he learned along his journey of public speaking. He said: “People hear Brandi, but can they feel Brandi? People have to feel why you are the author of the book, and the friendvisor they want on their side”. In that moment, I couldn’t believe what was coming to pass, as I had a revelation in the middle of him sharing more gems with me. I remembered the prophetic word I read that morning and shared it with him. I said “You are the help that God is sending me!! I’m new to this and I do not have anyone in this industry to help coach me and give me advice”. He responded: “WOW! Absolutely. I remember when I first started people helped me out so I want to do the same for you”. After our conversation I was led to my 2019 goal list I wrote on 12/28/18. My eyes immediately zoomed in on “perfect my speaking engagements”. All I could do was smile because God always has a way of sending the help you need when you least expect it.

Whenever God plants something in you, He will send the help you need to grow, perfect your talent, and hone in on your craft. When God calls you to an assignment, gives you a vision, and has you walking in your purpose He will place your name on the mind of someone who can help you. The person He calls to help you with your task, is one who has experience in that area who can help you soar and advance in ways where your skills are sharpened.