Job 5:1 NLT “Cry for help, but will anyone answer you? Which of your angels will help you?”

Are you working on a project or an assignment and realized that you can’t do it on your own? Have you reached a place where you are overwhelmed and cried out for help? Sometimes when you say the words, “I need help”, God will send help your way.

One night after my Heart to Heart live ended I said out loud, “I need help”. I thought about the Heart to Heart videos I have saved, but have yet to find time to edit and upload onto YouTube. I imagined having an assistant or intern who would be able to help me with this portion of work for Pray the Impossible. The next morning my friend called me to congratulate me on my new book. I then congratulated him on his new team member for his company that he posted on Instagram right before he called me. Little did I know that this was the help that was on the way.

He shared with me how he recently hired him as an intern through this app called Handshake. I narrated to him, “Wow I was just saying last night how I needed help. You are the answer to my cry for help”. He helped by giving me information on how to start the process, how he created the job description and his interviewing method. What turned out to be a phone call celebrating my new accomplishment was an angel in disguise to send the help I needed. Who knew that an app would be the answer to my cry for help.

When you cry out for help God will hear and answer you. The help that is on the way will come when you least expect it. The help that is on the way might be disguised in a package that you didn’t see coming. If you are at the point where you need to cry out for help, just ask and it will be on the way.

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  1. Great post! He hears us in our thoughts. And ever more when we cry out o need you Lord. The cry out is a release from holding on to it and God then responds HERE I AM, the Lord your God!

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