John 3:6 NLT “Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life”

365 days. 52 weeks. 58 devotionals. Time sure does fly!!!! Happy 1st birthday Pray the Impossible. I remember when God planted you inside of me after reading a devotional called “Prayer invades the impossible”. You were never a part of my plan, but then again I asked God to use me as a vessel, and this is how He saw fit to get His work done through me. With every week and month that passed, I would catch myself wondering “What am I going to write about this week?”, or “UGH! What am I going to do? I have nothing to write about”. As always, God came through with a God-ordained conversation to write about. Throughout this year, I learned that when God calls you to do something He will always provide.

I’m not a mother in the natural yet, but this spiritual birth is parallel. You came with questions, worries, birthing pains, joy, tears, and all the emotions any expecting mother would feel. I remember when I allowed my selfish desires to get in the way of being grateful and thankful for you. In just a short 365 days we grew together, you became apart of who I am today, and loved you in a way I never imagined. The closer your birthday came, the more joy I felt to celebrate one of my life’s biggest accomplishment. I remained consistent, committed, and dedicated despite my own tests, trials, and tribulations. The words “keep going” echoed in my spirit from those who kept pushing me to keep going. I knew people were depending on me in a major way and quitting was never an option. People needed encouragement, hope, and faith I provided in the weekly devotionals to build a relationship with God, see Him in a new way, restore their faith, a reminder to just do it, and to draw closer God.

I prayed over you faithfully asking God for the devotionals to touch the lives of whoever was meant to read it. I can’t even count the lives I influenced, impacted, and touched through my gift of sharing conversational testimonies. Being faithful and obedient was not always easy, but to know that I didn’t give up and still pressed in was a blessing within itself. I sit back in awe and reflect over the past year saying “WOW! God, thank you for making me unique in what you called me to do. Thank you for choosing me for this assignment. Thank you for trusting me with your people. Thank you for the divine connections and conversations that produced 58 devotionals”.

I pray Pray the Impossible has touched your life in a prolific way. I thank you all for your encouragement, love, and support. Thank you for allowing me to pour into you what God placed in my heart. There’s so much more that God wants to do with Pray the Impossible so stay tuned!!! We can only go up from here as the journey continues.

“Impacting lives one conversation at a time” ~ BJEM

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  1. I can’t believe it’s neen a year, Wow!
    I alwaya look for ways to support members of the HOTLC but, as I reflect back over this year pray the impossible devotionals invested and often supported me!
    Thank you for doing what the Lord called you to do. I’m looking forward to reading your next devotional
    Much love,
    C. Jackie Chaney

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