Proverbs 20:5 NLT “Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out”

Have you ever searched for good advice? Was there something that you wanted to start but needed advice on how to begin? Usually, God wants you to step out in faith and reach out to someone He has given wise advice to.

One day I checked Facebook instant messenger and received a message from someone I went to high school with. The message read, “Hey Brandi. I know I never really reach out to you, but I’m just checking in with people to see how they are doing. Mental health checks. How are you holding up? I see you wrote a book congrats!! I am recently diving into my spiritual walk as well. I’m steering towards dissecting the Bible so any advice would be helpful”. This message came as a surprise, especially since her and I are were not friends. I was more than happy to provide her with advice that worked for me.

I replied, “Hey!! Thank you for checking in on me. I’m doing well I cannot complain! Thank you, this is my second book. That’s amazing that you’re starting your spiritual walk. I can’t advise on how to dissect the Bible, but I can advise on how I started my journey. Honestly, I started going to church. That’s how I started reading the Bible from the scriptures my Pastor quoted through her sermons. Then, I started reading devotionals such as The Praying Woman, Joyce Myers, and Joel Osteen. I downloaded the Bible app. The have really good devotional plans. It’s an ongoing process, so I decided to make these tools a part of my daily routine. Also, I pray. I hope that’s helpful. You can always follow my Pray the Impossible page for daily encouragement. You can subscribe to I write weekly devotionals about real life experiences that will help you apply on your spiritual journey. I hope you and your family are OK during this time”. She replied, “Thank you so much for this. Wow you are doing amazing work. I will check out your website”.

You may be further along on your spiritual journey and someone is searching for differnet ways on how to get started. Sometimes God will send people your way because you have good advice that they are looking for. Be open to sharing the good advice that lies deep within your heart. There is a person with understanding who will draw it out and apply it to their life.