Have you ever experienced God bless you at Godspeed? Godspeed is when God makes things happen in His timing, that we as humans cannot understand. Godspeed happens so fast that it would usually take us months or even years to accomplish things according to our own time table.

For the past few months a great friend of mine has been experiencing trials and tribulations where he began to question his purpose and maybe even began questioning God. About a month ago, in the midst of his storm he was able to close on a house and have a renter move in within a week. Talk about Godspeed! Two weeks ago him and I were having a conversation and he shared with me that he now realizes his purpose is to help people. He began telling me about the renter and how he gave her a chance because her credit wasn’t that good. He felt bad for her because he remembered when his credit wasn’t that good and he knows the feeling of  wanting someone to give him a chance.

As he told me that I said “That’s your calling. To help people”. I quickly reminded him of the many times when we were in high school and how he used to help people all the time. I also reminded him about how he helped people in his early 20’s. I mentioned to him that it wasn’t until the past 4 years that he stopped helping people in the same capacity because he received what he had prayed to God for. Immediately I said to him “That’s why God worked the closing of the house to happen in Godspeed. God allowed it to happen in that timeframe because He was using you to bless her. You were the person God chose to give this woman a chance. I guarantee if her credit was perfect or if it was someone else God probably wouldn’t have worked it out that fast. I said God was reminding you that this is your purpose. Maybe this is the new way that God has called you to help people”.

I believe that another reason God worked things out in his favor at Godspeed was to remind him of who God is and what He’s able to do. Since he had been struggling for quite sometime, I feel that God wanted to bless him in such a way to renew his faith, give him new found hope, draw him closer to God, and to realize his purpose. Often times we have to endure for a season which may seem like eternity, but God will come through with a Godspeed blessing. When God wants to bless us, remind us of who God is, or to use us to bless someone else,  He will work things out at Godspeed. Godspeed always has a purpose, which is why we can never fully understand His timing. No matter what you are going through, He will make up for it with a blessing that can only happen at Godspeed.


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