What is the one thing that you desire from God? Have months or even years passed by and your prayer has yet to manifest? Does it seem as if God doesn’t hear your prayer or heart cries? What if God was waiting for an appointed time to bless you with your answered prayer? What if God was testing your faith to see if you would trust in His timing?

A really good friend of mine had one desire that she wanted to come to pass. A baby! Her and her husband tried for over 2 years to get pregnant and nothing was happening. Her and I would have our daily morning conversations where I would encourage her. I would let her know that maybe its not the right time. I told her that maybe because her and her husband were stressed in different areas of their lives that it wasn’t the right time. I encouraged her through my words that maybe God had to work some things out first for them before a baby was added to their life. I encouraged her that although she wasn’t pregnant yet, God was blessing her and her husband in many other ways. I kept reassuring her that it will happen but in God’s timing which is the right time. One night after a work event and a deep conversation with her, I went home a wrote a prayer for her and her husband in my prayer book. I prayed that they would get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. God answered the prayer!!!!! Trust me, God always hears our prayers and our cries. Sometimes its your own prayer or the prayer of someone who has interceded on your behalf. God will come through at the right time.

The day she told me that she was pregnant I was so excited and filled with joy because I knew about all the times she tried and the disappointment she faced when she thought she was pregnant. During our conversation she sent me a picture of her calendar to show me how busy they have been because we were trying to set up a date to catch up. But what I noticed on the calendar caught my eye that I couldn’t believe. On the calendar under the 23rd it said “baby 3 months”. I said wait a minute and started screaming! She was like what happened?! Immediately I pulled out my prayer book and July 23, 2017 was the date that I wrote my prayer for her and her husband! Our minds were blown as we started crying tears of joy!! MY GOD! I could not wrap my mind around how God’s time is the right time. I believed in my heart that God would answer my prayer for her as I knew her heart desires. What I didn’t know was that she would conceive a year later after my written prayer for her.Today she is growing and glowing with a baby boy or a baby girl on the way! I’m patiently waiting to find out the sex, but more importantly happy that she’s having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

There may be situations going on in your life that God needs to handle first before He can bring your prayer to pass. Maybe you’re going through a process that has to be completed in order to move to the next level where your blessing is. Maybe God is trying to build your faith. God knows what’s best and He knows the exact time for your blessings to come into fruition. Whether God sends your blessing next month or next year trust that God’s time is the right time.