Are you currently experiencing a situation that seems impossible? Do you think how am I going to work this out? Or better yet do you believe that the situation will not turn around in your favor? What you are experiencing is not meant for you to figure it. The situation is meant for you to watch God show up and show out in your life.

I did not grow up attending church regularly nor did I grow up having a relationship with God. It was not until 2007 when my sistah from another mistah invited me to her church that I began attending faithfully.  I remember my very first experience with God in 2008 that changed my life. He showed up and showed out in a way I never imagined. A college colleague of mine helped me to get a job as a Sales assistant working for an Event planning magazine that she also worked for.  One day her and I were having a regular conversation and I mentioned to her about a situation I had just encountered after filing my taxes. At 23 years old, working my first job in my career out of college I owed the IRS $3,000. My employer at the time did not take taxes out of my check and I was unaware that I needed to set money aside for taxes to pay at the end of the year. I did not know what I was going to do or where I was going to get the money from . After all, at that time I was making under 30k a year in my new position, owed $700 a month in Sallie Mae, and was living off $100 until my next paycheck. The next day, my college colleague pulled me into the kitchen and handed me an envelop and told me not to worry about paying her back. Her being a young woman of God, told me that the Lord spoke to her after our conversation. She said to me “Jesus died on the cross for my sins and there is no way that I could ever repay him. The only thing that I can do is to help someone else”. The envelope that she gave me was to pay my taxes. GOD SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT! I

What looked impossible to me God made possible. All it took was a conversation for God to use her to be the answer to “where am I going to get the money from” to bless me. I will never forget 4/16/2008 for the rest of my life. That was the day I experienced God in my life. I believe that He uses situations that seem hopeless to make you trust that He will show up and show out. I hope my testimony will help you to believe that no matter what you are going through, God will show up and show out in your life.