2 Samuel 23:2 NLT “The Spirit of the Lord speaks through me, his words are upon my tongue”

When you are in a relationship with God He will speak to you. When you are sensitive to God, your spirit will recognize God in someone else. When you are spiritually in tuned you can discern when God speaks to you through someone.

I posted a clip on my Instagram page from a podcast interview I was on that caught the attention of one of my followers. I stated, “Being in this uncomfortable place and space, I said, ‘God I just hope that they like it’. People were hitting me up saying that this changed my life. People were saying, ‘Brandi I needed this'”. She commented and said, “You’re amazing. I love it all. God speaks to you. I clicked on Brian’s story and I never go on stories. But I have to go to the hospital today. Not doing so well health wise. I listened to one of your podcast episodes. I’m like, I’m bringing her book with me. Now, I know I would bring my Bible, but I packed your book instead. Something just said read it while you’re there even though I have. I will be getting your 2nd book. God bless”. I replied, “WOW! That means a lot. Thank you for sharing that with me”.

A few days later she tagged me in a video of her son reading my book Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart to Yours. In the caption she wrote, “When I first receieved your book it encouraged me to stop waiting for my book to be so perfect. Nothing is perfect. It will all work out. This book cover, being purple, was a sign alone for me. #FLupus #FCrohnsDisease”. In her video she said, “Through Brandi and her book, to me is her, God, showing up and now its time for me to show out”.

Sometimes God speaks to us through His word, confirmations, or through someone else. Perhaps you’ve been looking for an answer and God answered you through a person. To know it was from God, you have to be in tuned with Him to recognize when He speaks to you. Don’t discount the small details, confirmations, or conversations you have because that may be the strategy God uses to speak to you.