Have you ever asked God to send you a confirmation for what you believe He has spoken to you? Have you ever waited on a confirmation from God for something that you know you were meant to do? When God sends you the confirmation do you believe it right away or do you ask God to send you more?

Last week I received a mid day call from a college friend. Her and I usually speak every now and then where she will update me on what’s going on in her life or to just chat and catch up. She told me that she’s been meaning to call me for the past two weeks because she’s been very depressed. From there I knew that this conversation was going to be different then our usual ones. She began to tell me that this year life has been so hard and she’s been struggling financially and fighting this depression. Things haven’t been going the way she planned in any area of her life. She’s been praying and trying to figure out the why’s and if she did something wrong because she can’t understand why things haven’t been working out for her. During our last chat a couple months ago she mentioned that she started working part time at a bank because she entered into a season where the company she started hadn’t been generating any income. It wasn’t what she wanted to do but needed to do in order to make to make ends meet. She expressed to me how she hasn’t been happy and was really starting to hate it  because they gave her more hours than what she originally agreed upon. The more hours they gave her the less time she had to spend working on her own company.

Earlier that week she received her new work schedule and was excited because they finally reduced her hours. A few hours before she called me, she told me she used the extra time as an opportunity to go to her telework office and was able to devout 2 hours to her company. It was a breath of fresh air for her. While there, a friend of hers was shocked to see her. He asked her where she had been because he hadn’t seen her in a while. She told him how she started working part time at a bank and he immediately asked her why when she has TWO MASTER DEGREES!! She told him that she needed money. He told her that if she would of said something to him they could of worked together with their companies and figured something out. His last words before their conversation ended was for her to quit her job and get back to her own company. She told him that she was planning on quitting in January around her 90 days. Little did she know that God used him as a confirmation. When she went to work for her shift she was called into the office and they laid her off!!! She told me that usually she would of been upset but this time she was at peace. I said “See look at God. Sending you confirmations through your friend. You weren’t supposed to work there. That’s why you hated it and you weren’t happy”.

She said “Brandi, I usually read your book almost everyday and for the past few days I wasn’t able to. After I got laid off I went home to read your book. Guess which conversation I was up to? Conversation 27 Provision Follows The Vision. I said to myself Ok God I see you sending confirmations”. I said “WOOOOOOWWWWWWWW if that’s not God confirming that you are supposed to focus on your company. He gave you the vision for your company. God didn’t tell you to work there that’s why you were frustrated. God wants you to trust Him to provide for the vision He gave you. Remember when you planned the events for Homecoming and you were frustrated because it looked it was failing? The events turned out to be amazing. See you were successful with that and now doors of opportunity opened for you. Now use that same energy and go hard with your company. Trust God He got you just like he had you for the Homecoming events”.

Sometimes we know deep in our hearts that God gave us a word whether it be concerning leaving a job, moving to another state, or even about a relationship. At times its hard to believe God because we doubt, don’t fully trust Him, or everything we see is contrary to what we heard. I encourage you to ask God to send confirmations about whatever you believe that He spoke to you. Trust and believe in the different ways He sends His confirmations. He will always confirm a word that’s meant for you.


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  1. “Everything we see is contrary to what we heard,” really hits home for me deep within my soul. Sometimes our eyes are clouded by what we feel. But reading your daily posts and devotionals has lifted my mental stamina to keep pushing thru all my thoughts and ideas. I enjoy seeing that others are also questioning their path in life while maintaining sanity. God is and will always be on my main line but its also nice to open my phone and have daily reminders and emails to replenish my views and add insight to my values.

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