What are you passionate about? Has God placed a gift inside of you that you feel has not been flourishing? Do you give up on not living a life that is fulfilling your God given talent? Or do you step out on faith and God Up knowing that you are destined to live the life you are meant to have?

On September 8, 2018, the morning of my book signing a high school friend of mine reached out to me on Facebook. He congratulated me on my new endeavors and informed me that he was reaching out to see if I would be interested in being a guest on his podcast. He was in the process of recording his second season and was inspired by me writing a book and becoming an author. I was excited that he was inspired by me and I immediately accepted his invitation. After we set the date for the recording, I asked him if he recorded in NY or NJ, because the time to meet would depend on when I would arrive home from work. He told me “My podcast is mobile. I will come to you to record”. In an instant I was amazed. I had never heard of a mobile podcast and  was intrigued to hear his story.

The following Wednesday came and he showed up to my home with his recording and lighting equipment. I didn’t know if I was more exited to be on his podcast or to find out about his testimony. As he was setting up the equipment to record I asked him how he started his mobile podcast. My friend told me that he has always been a creative and he was inspired by another podcast and a live show that he and his friend had together. He had different ideas and decided to branch off from his friend and do his own thing. The only problem was that he did not have money to pay for the recording studio sessions. At the time, he recently had stopped working  his full time job to pursue his creative purpose. Working his fulltime job was not fulfilling his God given creative gifts, so he decided to take the last bit of money he had to his name and invest in  portable recording equipment. He stepped out on faith and invested in his creative gift that would allow him to flourish.

He could of gave up the moment he didn’t have the money, but instead he decided to God Up. He was passionate about his gift and he wasn’t going to allow money to be a factor to not pursue his heart desires. He recognized that after working several jobs that society deems as “successful”   that he was not living his best life. He knew those jobs were not fulfilling his calling of being a creative. He chose to God Up and work side jobs to have a steady income to pursue his God-given gift fulltime. He knew deep in his heart that when the time is right God is going to bless him to where he is rewarded financially for his gift. I admired his testimony, and told him that God aligns the right people together to help each other become successful. After we recorded my session on his podcast he had given me great advice on how to continue to expand my book and my business on different platforms. I was thankful that he decided to God Up, because he has the equipment and knowledge to help me take my new endeavor to the next level.

God has given each and everyone of us gifts. Do you give up when there seems to be no way for your gift to thrive? Or do you God Up because you believe that God will send someone your way to help you fulfill your gift?