Are you connected to God? If so, what ways work for you to get connected? If not, what have your struggles been? God wants us to get connected and stay connected so that we can continue to grow in Him.

My childhood friend texted me saying that she wanted to purchase another copy of my book Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours. I asked her who the book was for so that I could write a personal message for that person. She informed me that it was for her grandmother because she was telling her about my book during Thanksgiving dinner. She told me that her grandmother said “I’m so proud of you that you’re finding your own way to connect instead of the old school way of doing things”. Instantly it clicked!! I thanked my friend for sharing that with me because at that moment I realized that God is using me to connect people to Him in a new way.

A few weeks prior she expressed to me how thankful she was for my book. She told me that its helping her to get back in touch with God. For her own personal reasons she expressed that going to church and aspects around church weren’t for her anymore. She said that once she stopped attending church it caused her to stray away from God for a little bit. During that time she’s been finding ways to get back to God through meditation, exploring her spirituality, and reading books similar to mine. She said that my book is helping her in more ways than one and is now able to absorb all the knowledge because her spirit is ready.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it is hard to get connected to God. I didn’t get connected to God until I was 22 years old. Growing up and into my young adult life I would go to church to say that I went to church because “it sounded good” and was “the right thing to do”. I never understood the messages that the Pastors were preaching. I just wasn’t able to connect. It wasn’t until 2007 when I stepped foot in my church that I was able to get connected to God. What worked for me may not work for you and that is totally fine.

Maybe you haven’t found a church and listening to Gospel music or watching church on TV may be how you get connected. Maybe its following a well known Pastor on social media or reading devotionals is how you get connected to God. Maybe watching series of sermons on YouTube or having a conversation with someone hearing their testimony that immediately gets you connected. We are all different and God speaks to us in various ways which causes us to get connected in distinctive styles. God has created many avenues, platforms, and doors of opportunity to get connected with Him. You have to figure out what works for you. It’s not too late to get connected.