Jeremiah 11:2 NLT “Remind the people of Judah and Jerusalem about the terms of my covenant with them”

How often do you need a friendly reminder about a doctor’s appointment, a friend’s birthday event, or an upcoming flight? Do you need a friendly reminder to encourage you that things will get better when you are feeling down? God will strategically set conversations, by sending someone your way to give you a friendly reminder of His love and His promise to you.

One day, while I was at work my co-friend (co-worker/friend), who no longer works at my job, popped into my head. She had stopped working for the company 2 years ago and recently moved back to her home state. For the past year, she’s been dealing with a lot in her personal life. I said to myself “Let me text her before I forget. Even if she doesn’t respond I’m going to shoot her a text”. Less than an hour later she replied to my message. I was so happy that she was in the mood to communicate. I expressed to her that I was checking on her and she responded: ” I’m doing OK girl. Not gonna lie, I woke up a little funky today and have been trying to reset my mind all day. This too shall pass”. I encouraged her by saying: “And that’s fine! You acknowledged it and there’s still some hours left in the day to snap out of it and if not there’s always tomorrow”.

As the conversation continued, I updated her with what was going on in my life. I said: “Other than that Praying The Impossible and waiting for God to show up and show out while doing what He called me to do”. She replied: “You had a vision and now look you!”. Those words she spoke was a friendly reminder of a card I found a few weeks ago that she had given me on her last day. I said to her “I found a card you gave me”. I went in my desk draw, took a picture of the words she wrote inside the card, and sent it to her. The card read: “1.31.17.. Brandiva! I am going to miss our uplifting chats! I hope you know that you and the daily devotionals have been an integral part of my past year here. They’ve/You’ve helped me through some rough patches- feeling lost, left behind, stagnant. You’ve allowed me to see and understand more deeply the love He has for me. You are truly an amazing woman with so much promise and a true gift. Time to listen closely, move, and shine girl! Shine because your star is bright and unextinguishable”. She responded: “Uhhhhhhhhh Staaaaaahhhhhhhpppppppp! WOW!”. I replied: “Chile you said that to me 2 years ago and my light has been shining even though it had a moment of dullness BUT God relit that light”.

What she wrote in the card was a friendly reminder that I’m living out what God planted in me years ago. She told me that I’m fulfilling my purpose on the daily, but then a lightbulb went off in my head. I realized that the card was really a friendly reminder for her. I said “Girl! And that’s a reminder for you! HE loves you and you are not stagnant or left behind”. She expressed that she was sad about the fact that it was the same song and dance from 2 years ago. I reminded her that setbacks are a part of the journey. I gave her a friendly reminder that she overcame that 2 years ago, and now it’s a new season, new level, new tests, and new triumphs. She responded “Brandi.. this is crazy and here you go with this card I wrote you, but you are right this is a reminder for me all in the same”.

God will use people, memorable keepsakes, and words of encouragement to remind us of the times we overcame past trials. Friendly reminders come along your way to remind you of the gifts God placed in you before you truly recognized you were walking in purpose. The friendly reminders help to boost your confidence and give you power when you feel like you’ve slipped back into familiar territory. Friendly reminders are the fuel we need to remind us that if God did it before He will do it again.