Isaiah 49:15 NKJV ” Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you”

Are there prayers from years ago that you forgot about? Did you realize they came to pass after all? Do you recall a time when you received a blessing from your forgotten prayers? Can you count the prayers God manifested because He didn’t forget about your requests? Just because you forgot about your prayers it does not mean that they were forgotten.

Sometime in April, my sorority sister sent me a text message that read: “Hi Soror, Torri and I would like to know if you’d be interested in coming on board as a writer for Creed Magazine (a seasonal faith-based fashion and lifestyle online magazine). We would like you to oversee the books”. This came out of nowhere, as Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours was just featured in the Spring 19 Issue of Creed Magazine. This was an amazing opportunity to go from being featured to now overseeing the book features! After the in-depth phone call discussing the details, I reached out to Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Creed Magazine, my sister in Christ, and childhood friend to share the good news.

I texted her: “Sis”

She replied: “Yes love”

Me: “Soo I’m officially joining the Creed Mag Team. Thank you for thinking of me”

Torri: “Of course love!!! This is going to be epic”

Me: “I mentioned to her that I’m more of a devotional writer and I have plenty of devotionals on Pray the Impossible website to use for content in the magazine”

Torri: “I’m so excited. That will be a great addition to the publication and you can also tell people that they can find more from you (in addition to your book and your website) at Creed Magazine”

Immediately I got in my zone to figure out which devotional would be a great fit for the Summer 19 Issue. I decided to use Be Still and Let God Work because it was the conversational testimony that reunited us. In the midst of re-reading and making edits to the devotional, I came across a line that I forgot about. I wrote:” The following morning I prayed to God, asked if it was His will for us to connect and work together in the near future and thanked Him in advance”. I stopped in my tracks as God revealed to me my forgotten prayer. I totally forgot that I prayed for us to work together. As I looked back I realized that specific prayer was about having my book featured in her magazine. It never crossed my that working together meant that I would be joining her team. I excited to share that I am the Literary Editor who not only oversees the book features and devotionals, but also contributes content on behalf of Pray the Impossible. Even though my prayer was from 5 months ago, God didn’t forget me. It was done according to His will.

With so much happening in our lives, it is easy to forget our prayers. We get wrapped up in situations and current blessings that old prayer requests can be forgotten. Even the prayers that drop off our radar can still be answered. God hears every prayer and when He answers them, He will remind you about your forgotten prayer.

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  1. This is so true, daughter. My prayer was just a desire of a particular parking space, on a particular block. My prayer was days ago, but God answered my prayer for that parking space that I got yesterday. God can blow your mind in how he answers and cares for you.

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