Matthew 18:20 NKJV “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them”

Have you or a family member ever experienced a tragedy and your first response was to pray? Have you ever wanted to pray about the situation but needed someone else to pray with you? When two or three are gathered God will show up with an answer to your prayer because you made Him your first response.

One Friday night, my “little sister” and I were at a close friend’s home enjoying lady’s night. She received a phone call from her younger brother, who was in Texas, frantically pronouncing that his car was broken into. Someone had stolen his laptop, passport, and other personal items. You would think what could she do for him in New Jersey? Her first response was to pray. She’s never been one to not ask me for prayer no matter the situation. The urgency of her brother’s circumstance was no different, so in the middle of the gathering, she sat next to me and asked if I could pray. Before I attempted to pray she suggested we go into our friend’s bedroom where the atmosphere was quiet.

As I began to pray we noticed that two other friends were in the room and she asked them to join in the prayer circle. I started the prayer off with “Father God, Your word says that when 2 or 3 are gathered you are in the midst. Father, I ask that whoever stole his items they are returned, or if they aren’t found at least let his identity be protected… In Jesus’ name Amen”. About an hour later her brother called her back saying that he returned to the location where his car was broken into and found his passport and other personal items. The only thing that was not found was his laptop, but at least he still had his back up drive and his identity was guarded.

If you make prayer your first response, God will make your prayer request a priority. When you seek God first through the good and the bad, He will take care of everything that concerns you. While God becomes your first response, you are showing Him that you trust Him to make a way even in the most tragic situations. God will move on your behalf when you grasp the response to pray first, ask people to join in prayer with you, and understand that He will come through because you thought of Him first.