Hebrews 13:21 NLT ” May He equip you with all you need for doing His will”

God created us to be successful. God calls each of us to do great things for His purpose. God wants us to succeed and accomplish all He sets out for us. Since God has amazing plans for us to do His will, He will equip us for success.

A few days before the 1st anniversary of my book, I was led to reach out to my publisher to check on her. It had been on my mind for quite some time because we had been trying to launch the e-book version of my book. This was a request from many people, but due to life, we weren’t able to complete the task. After I texted her she replied asking if I had time to talk. I called her and shared with her that I was checking on her because she was in the middle of a transition. In the middle of catching up with her, I said: “You know what’s this Friday? Real Talk’s 1st birthday”. She responded: “What?! No way omg!! Girl, it’s been heavy on my heart! I know I was supposed to get this e-book launched. For so long I wondered why I could never get it together but then I realized it’s because we’re going to make you a best seller”.

I began to get emotional because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. To my surprise, we were in alignment because launching the e-book had been on my mind since I was approaching my 1st anniversary. As the conversation continued she shared with me her encounter with an independent publisher. While my sorority sister/publisher was vending at a conference, the independent publisher approached her booth because someone advised her that she was a publisher as well. The independent publisher asked her:” How many of your authors are best sellers?”. My publisher replied: “None yet. But it is my goal to have all of them become one”. The woman responded: “I guess this was the real reason God sent me here to speak with you”. The conversation my publisher had with this God sent was to equip her for success. She helped her with strategies and ways to become the best selling author. My publisher said: “Girl I learned some things and now I know what to do to help you. You are going to be a best-seller”.

Whatever is in God’s will for you to be successful He will equip you with the tools, strategies, and people to help you. If God purposed it, He will see fit that you succeed. Even if you feel like success isn’t happening according to your timeline, don’t worry! There are some things He needs to equip you with before the success comes your way.