1 Thessalonians 4:18 NLT “So encourage each other with these words”

How often do you receive encouragement from others? You could be a person who always pours into other people. How often do you reach out to encourage someone else? You could be a person who is used to encouraging people that you neglect needing encouragement for yourself. There comes a time when God will place your name on the mind, heart, and spirit of others to encourage you.

One Saturday morning I received a text message from my “sister”. She said, “Just want you to know I love you. You’re such an incredible person. Seeing you take Pray the Impossible to different heights makes my heart smile. Continue to inspire the masses. I can’t wait to see you live in front of millions at conferences around the world”. Little did she know it was the encouragement I needed at that precise moment. She was the encouragement I needed that reassured my feelings of what my next steps are for Pray the Impossible.

The next day, I shared my testimony of being laid off during church service and asked my church family to keep me in prayer. Immediately following my prayer request, my church sister texted me. She said, “Good Morning! Praying for you hunny! This is YOUR time. God is putting you in a position where you now have the bandwidth to continue touching, inspiring, and turning others to God. You have a natural gift of attracting and uplifting people so I’m confident that God has you here for a reason. Girl this is where you are supposed to be! Pray the Impossible is going to continue doing GREAT THINGS”.

Just when I thought I received all the encouragement I needed, God sent my friend/Spiritual wise counsel to check on me. He said, “I am going on a fast for you! I know that God is about to do it SUDDENLY for you. I feel that you have a HUGE BLESSING WAITING FOR YOU!”. God knew who to send at the right time to encourage me during this transition in my life. He knew the words they shared with me was what I needed to build my confidence, faith, motivation, and excitement in my decision to embark on my new journey.

You may be a person who people rely on for words of encouragement. There comes a time, the right time to be exact, when you least expect for people to pour into you words of encouragement. God knows who to send with specific words to encourage you.