Have you ever been on a plane and thought that you were assigned an aisle or window seat? You look at your ticket to see if says A, C, D, or maybe F? As you get closer to your seat, you look at  your ticket again and realize that you have a middle seat. This is what happened to me when I was traveling to Barbados this year for a wedding. I thought to myself UGH I have to sit in the middle seat for how many hours? Then I quickly changed my thoughts and thanked God for safe traveling mercies instead. In a matter of seconds, a passenger asked if I wanted to switch from my middle seat to their aisle seat because they’d rather sit next to the person they were  traveling with. Immediately, I said yes and thanked the Lord for that unexpected blessing.

As the time passed and final boarding was about to end, I prayed silently “I hope I have the whole row to myself.” Within 5 minutes left in the boarding process, I saw people walking past my row. I heard the stewardess say boarding is now complete; we will be taking off shortly. I thought to yourself, “WONT HE DO IT!” Not only did God bless me once but twice, He blessed me with an aisle seat and then minutes later blessed me with a whole row to myself. I double checked to see if there were any empty seats on the plane and I noticed the flight was full. God chose to bless me with an entire row. It may seem small to you, but there’s always a bigger picture in the small blessings.

God wants to give you double for your trouble in all areas of your life. Areas that are bigger than a seat change and an entire row to yourself on a plane. Your situation may appear impossible or even feel extremely difficult, but in a split second God can turn the situation around and give you double for your trouble. God is a mighty and majestic God who wants us to live a life full of abundance. He wants to open up the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing that we will not have enough room to obtain it. Whether the size of your blessing is an entire row to yourself on a plane or a new job with an increase in your salary, God will give you double for the trouble that you had to endure.



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  1. Once again, Double for Your Trouble was right on target. I was blessed.
    Look forward to the book signing on September 15th in Brooklyn at The HOuse of the Lord Church

  2. Double for your trouble allows you to appreciate what others may view as the smaller things and life and see the bigger picture.

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