Have you ever worried about what to eat? Have you ever been so concerned about things so minute not realizing that God will provide even in the smallest things? Are you worrying because you do not believe that God knows what you need? No matter what your concerns are God will always provide for you.

A few weeks ago I was paying my respects at my sorority sisters daughter’s funeral, and I looked at the time and told my accountability partner “I’m going to leave now because I am re-recording a few conversations from the audio book at 2pm. I’m starving. UGH I didn’t even have my smoothie yet”. I returned home from the service a little after 1pm and was excited to still have time to make and drink my smoothie. After I prepared the ingredients for the smoothie, I placed the container on my nutribullet and it did not power on!! Immediately my thoughts were “No God. It’s day 20 of my fast. I have 1 day left. Please work. What am I going to drink if it doesn’t  blend?”. I tried again and it still didn’t blend. I began to worry about what I was going to drink to hold me over because I couldn’t break fast until 6pm. I looked at the time and it was getting closer to 2pm so I decided to make a cup of tea and pray and ask God to fill my belly.

I heard my doorbell ring and I looked at the time it was 1:53pm. I was  surprise that my friend arrived a little early. As I opened the door he had snacks in his hand and said “Yo, I didn’t even know that you were fasting. I wouldn’t have brought all these snacks. I seen the homie at Ant’s juice shop”. I responded “What homie?” He said “Amirh. She told me that you’re fasting. She told me to give you something. I’ll be right back its in the car”.  As soon as he returned he handed me a smoothie. I was extremely excited and said “WOW OMG I have to facetime her right now!! When she answered I screamed and said “Sissy omg thank you!! Look at God! My blender stopped working and I prayed and asked God to fill my belly with joy and delight and not hunger pains”. We all laughed so hard, but it amazed me how God was working. She explained to me how she seen our friend at the juice shop and she told her mother that he was recording my book. He mentioned to her that he was actually on his way to my house to record and she said I’m going to surprise Brandi with a smoothie. In that moment, I realized that my blender stopped working because God already had a plan that took care of my concern about what to drink until it was time to eat. I believe that God was using something as small as my blender not working to trust that He was going to provide.

God cares so much about us that He doesn’t want us to worry about anything. Whatever the concern is God is already making a way for you. Our job is to pray to God and cast all our cares and worries unto Him. We are to place our worries in His hand and let Him do the rest. The next time you’re worrying about something as small as what to eat, remember that God has already orchestrated a plan to provide and satisfy your hunger.