Have you been neglecting your relationship with God lately? Has the hustle of everyday life distracted you from spending time with God? Has He been trying to get your attention? At some point in life, I believe that we can all relate to these questions.

A friend of mine and I were having a conversation about her feeling like she’s been neglecting her dog. We were discussing how before she became a mom she had the time to take care of her dog the way she needed to be take care of. Nowadays, she feels as if life has taken over and is distracting her from the “small things”. Her attention and focus has been on being a mom, work, her car, and everything else besides her dog. Every morning her dog tries to get her attention by coming into her room for a walk or she will pace back and forth until my friend is able to take her outside. One day my friend was in a rush to leave the house, and told her dog “I’ll walk you when I get back. Do not go to the bathroom in the house”. Well to her surprise when she came back home her dog did number 2 in the house. She attempted to get mad, but as her dog came over to her and placed her paws on her lap, she realized that her dog had been trying to get her attention but she ignored it.

At that moment it clicked! She realized that she needed to get back to who she used to be and it was starting that day. She decided that she was to get up early to start reading her Bible, walk her dog, and to have quiet time. After our conversation I told her maybe God has been trying to get your attention through your dog. I said maybe all the times her dog was trying to get her attention it was God. I reminded her that she ignored her dog until she did number 2 in the house. I explained that God used her dog going to the bathroom in the house to catch her attention. I mentioned that when her dog placed her paws on her lap  that was probably the moment God was saying “Hey remember me?”.

Perhaps you can relate to God using small things to get your attention, but you ignored it. Maybe you’re always on social media and every time you go on the app it doesn’t refresh or it takes a long time to load. Maybe God is suggesting that you spend less time on social media and give Him more time. Maybe while commuting to work you always hit traffic. Maybe God is allowing the traffic in order for you to spend time with Him before you start your work day.

Are you neglecting the fact that God speaks through small things to get you to spend more time with Him? Try changing your perspective and focus on the small things that God is using to get your attention.

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