Have you ever looked for a job and read the qualifications and immediately counted yourself out? I know I have. There were plenty of times where I read the qualifications and said “Well I might as well not apply because I do not have the experience”. This year in 2018, I have witnessed God qualify two of my closest friends. These two women were offered jobs where they did not meet the qualifications nor did they have the experience which was required. What I admired about them is that they did not let their lack of experience or qualifications deter them from applying from the job postings. God led them to the positions because he had a plan for them. They stood out amongst the other candidates who may have met the requirements that the companies were looking for. My friends accepted their job offers. Do you want to know how that was possible? God qualified them. They did not need the “experience” to be considered for the jobs, because this is what God had instore for them. If God calls you to it He will qualify you. There’s a saying that I have heard over and over again “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”.

Are passionate about starting your own business? Have you thought to yourself “Well there is already someone who has a company similar to what I want to do”. Immediately you talk yourself right out of it. I have seen God bless two people in my life with their own business. My college roommate had a passion for events and planned her entire wedding. Talk about a DIY (Do it Yourself) bride! I witnessed God put her talents to the test and watched her execute her wedding on the scale of a professional wedding planner. After planning her wedding, the idea was planted in her heart and she stepped out on faith and created her own event planning company. Three years later, her company is thriving and she has planned baby showers, surprise engagements, and weddings. Another close friend in my life founded her own pageantry organization. Her daughter expressed to her that she wanted to be “Miss USA” after watching the Miss American Pageant. After entering her daughter in numerous pageants the idea was planted in her heart. She identified that there was a need that was not being met for the girls in the area where she lives from the other pageant organizations. I watched her devise an idea, set a date for the pageant, and execute the production in less than a year. Her first pageant exceeded her expectations and she’s currently planning her next one for later this year. If God plants an idea in your heart He will make sure that you succeed.

These women in my life gave me inspiration to not count myself out. This year my goal was to write an encouraging devotional on my favorite devotional site. In just a matter of months, God qualified me to create Pray the Impossible instead of submitting a post on another blog. At first, I subconsciously started to count myself out because I felt that there were already blogs and social media pages that encouraged people. I questioned myself about how would I be different from the inspirational pages and blogs that I follow. He aligned the right people in my life to help me succeed in creating a platform that is different from the other blogs and pages.

Maybe there is something in your heart that you have already counted yourself out of. You do not know the plans that God has for you when He places a desire, passion, or idea in your heart. I hope this encourages you to believe that anything is possible when He qualifies the called. Remember do not count yourself out!