Ephesians 2:18 NLT “Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us”

Have you ever experienced a person and their spirit immediately connected with you? Do you believe that God can connect your spirits in the spiritual realm before you connect in the natural? Do you believe that God can join your spirit with someone you’ve never met? God is powerful and He knows what you need before you ask HIm. He is more than able to align your spirit with someone else’s spirit to give you what you need.

Every day I ask God to give me a word to post on my Pray the Impossible Instagram page that would encourage and impact the life of whoever needs a word. One morning after I posted the word of the day, I received a direct message from someone who recently started following my page. The message read: “Thank you for your message. Sometimes it is so hard to keep walking and praying. But I now know someday I’ll be next”. I replied: “You’re welcome!!! I know it’s hard! But keep pressing in! God is taking you deeper and to a higher level! Keep spending time with God. It gets easier and better over time. When you least expect it that thing, whatever it is, will show up. God wants to trust you and make sure you’re putting Him first. She replied: “Thank you very much. So inspired. Stay blessed and keep motivating us”.

Two weeks later she reached back out to me. She sent the following message: “Hi. Trust everything is fine in Jesus Christ. Can you please help me? I don’t even know if you’re going to reach this dm. I have to share with you that I’m in the middle of some struggles. I’m not working now, my contract has finished. I’ve been praying for a breakthrough. I received a call for an opportunity where I would have to move from my house for 30 days. My husband said no chance. I’m very sad. But I’m also trying to remember what the scripture says about submission to the husband. I know that the Holy Spirit is the one who can guide me. I don’t know what to do. Thank you”.

After catching up with her detailed message I replied with what the Holy Spirit led me to say to her. I responded: “One thing I can think of is writing down the pros and cons of this opportunity. How will it benefit your family? Next, I would have a conversation with your husband and see what he says. Also, ask God to open your husband’s eyes, heart, and spirit if this is the opportunity God has for you. It could be a good opportunity but not a God opportunity if that makes sense?”. She replied: “Thank you, my dear. I’m taking this opportunity to God. He is the one who knows the best plans for us. I’ll do that. Following this instruction. May God continually anoint you, my beloved sis. You know I’m in Africa? Connected by the Spirit. Sometimes God sends us a prayer partner. Your Instagram is helping me a lot. When I’m tired and dismayed I always find the right scripture or words. It was such an honor to have you, sis, helping me. More grace upon you in Jesus name”.

When God connects one spirit with another, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a different state, country, or continent. Nothing can stop God from connecting you with who He knows you need in your time of worry, dismay, uncertainty, or confusion. God can be at two places at once connecting spirits because He will use one spirit to give the other an encouraging word, to pray for them, and be the voice of God in making a decision.

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  1. You were the angel God sent to me when I needed it…United Way = Hell! LOL. This may not be a big deal (work!!) but it was what I needed…who I needed at the time!! Love you, my Brandz!! NOW WE ARE CONNECTED SPIRTS FOREVERRRR! 🙂

  2. Ohhh. My dear , so honored. The power of the Holy Ghost. So many many to be reached through you.
    Thank you God , for this Woman. I’ve been blessed through her post, message.

    This is a lifting up Season
    God of signs, miracles and Wonders.

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