Psalms 66:5 NLT “Come and see what God our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people”

Have you witnessed God perform miracles in the lives of others? Have you ever been on a journey with someone and stood in awe of what God did for them? God wants us to come and see the awesome things He’s doing for people.

“Hey girl. Just checking in. How did the interview go? How’s work? How are you?”, were texts that I sent one of my faithful pray the impossible supporters. She and I formed a relationship 2 months ago when she reached out for spiritual guidance. She replied, “Hey girl!!! I’m ok. The interview went well. I just received my offer!!! I GOT THE PROMOTION!!! How are you?”. Shortly right after that, she sent me a picture of her certification of completion to becoming an event planner. She texted, “Just in case you were wondering”. I replied, “OMG. I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU. My God! Your life has changed drastically in just 2 months. You went from being furloughed to not receiving unemployment, to then receiving back pay from unemployment, to going back to work to a promotion. If God ain’t good!!!”. She replied, “Thank you!! God is good”.

Oftentimes God will send someone into your life to be a witness to what He’s done in their life. God needs you to see with your own eyes that there’s nothing too hard for him. God wants you to see what He’s able to do for others because there are some things that He wants to do for you. Sooner or later there will be people who will come and see the awesome miracles that He has done for you.