Proverbs 18:19 NLT “An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city. Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars”

Are there people who you were extremely close with and then a situation ended your friendship? Perhaps the last conversation left the relationship in a state that was non-reconcilable? Or have years went by and God used someone to bring you together to discuss the issue? When the time is right God will orchestrate a setting where you will have an opportunity to clear the air.

Sunday the week before Thanksgiving, I remember sowing an offering seed for God to do something supernatural in my life for that week. Six days later, on Saturday night, my friend and I attended a Friendsgiving hosted by our friend and his fiancé. As I walked into the event, I saw a former friend from the corner of my eye and continued to greet the host of the event. Towards the end of the night, my former friend and I were standing in the same vicinity, which was the closest we’ve been in each other’s space in years. She was engaging in a conversation with our mutual friend when I heard him say: “Bdiva! Come here yo”. I turned around and said: “Yes?”. As I walked towards them, she and I shared in an awkward smile as we had not spoken in 10 years. He said: “Nah this is crazy. Yall used to be ace boon coons. Yall need to just clear the air and makeup”. I looked at him in disbelief, because out of all these years, I honestly didn’t even think that he noticed we hadn’t been friends. But I felt God was using him supernaturally at that moment for her and I to speak.

As we began to clear the air, I could not remember exactly what I said in our last text message exchange that stopped our friendship. What I did remember was that it was a build-up of events and information that was relayed to me that she was talking about me. I shared with her that a friend told me she was going around our group of friends talking about me and later suggested that I call her to apologize. I recall telling the friend that I did nothing wrong and there was no need for me to apologize. My former friend recalled that she was caught off guard by the text message I sent her, but once we cleared the air it made sense now why I said whatever I said to her. She apologized if I felt that she was overstepping her boundaries for one situation that may have caused me to feel a way about her and that was never her intention. She expressed how when our friendship ended it hurt her because she left the ball in my court and I left the ball right there. Now 10 years later we were on the court clearing the air and making amends. We cleared the air, hugged, laughed about how we were still Facebook friends, and shared how we saw each other doing well. I later realized that this was a supernatural move of God. This was the manifestation of something supernatural that I was expecting God to do.

Life is too short! Many times relationships end because of lack of communication or a misunderstanding. God works in mysterious ways and will use situations that you least expect to show you His hand at work in your life. Sometimes God will create a moment in time that presents an opportunity for you to clear the air with someone you were once close with. God wants to show you that no matter the years in between, feelings that might of been hurt, or apologies waiting to be given, with God the air can be cleared.