Romans 12:2 NLT “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think”

Is it hard for you to think positive thoughts? Is your mind conditioned to thinking something bad will always happen to you? Changing your thought life takes time and hard work. The people and environment that you surround yourself with can affect becoming intentional about shifting your thoughts. The only way to change your situation is to change your thinking.

One day while I was walking through Penn Station to grab lunch I heard someone yelling. I turned around and saw a young man sitting on the floor arguing with someone on his cellphone. I didn’t pay it much attention besides who could he be yelling at? About 20 mins later, I began to head back to my office and heard another person yelling. The voice yelled out:”Bro, I’m 31. I work 2 jobs and am barely making it”. I looked to my left, and this man was standing in the area with the previous young man who was still sitting that I walked past minutes prior.

I could not hear what else was being said, but I thought to myself that it must have been an intense conversation. Out of nowhere, I heard the voice yelling again. He said: “Change your thinking, Bro!!”. The frustrated 31-year-old man said while walking up the stairs beside me: “I don’t understand how you’re 23 years old and homeless”. I looked at him in disbelief because I couldn’t believe what my ears just heard. I started to dwell on his frustrating statement. I thought to myself, “What could have happened in his life that led to homelessness?”.

Our mind is a powerful tool! What we see, who we surround ourselves with, and what we replay in our minds can alter and control our narrative. Our negative circumstances tend to override any positive thought we attempt to think. But when do we decide to change our thinking? When do we determine enough is enough? When do we choose to want sIs it when something detrimental happens that causes the shift? We are in control of changing our thoughts; when we reach a place to train our minds to think good thoughts. We have to be intentional to see the glass as half full. We have to purposely change our thinking to change our lives.