Matthew 21:21 MSG “Before you know it, his justice will triumph, the mere sound of his name will signal hope, even among far-off unbelievers”

Do you know someone who is an unbeliever in God? Has your life transformed in such a way where they unknowingly see God in you? God will triumph in a way that will make an unbeliever ask you to pray on their behalf.

Since the beginning of the launch of Pray the Impossible, one of my friends, who is an unbeliever, has been a faithful reader and supporter. After reading the first 7 devotionals of the launch she reached out to me and said: “The blog is great Diva! I was reading it on the train. Your articles are great daily mantras”. I replied to her and said: “God is using me to help other people”. She responded: “Hey God gave us a voice for a reason right? It’s a great public service when you’re using it for good. Amazing! Proud of you”. I always look forward to hearing from her when she is touched by a devotional because I know God’s light is shining through me to encourage her. Another time that brightened my day was when she said: “I am an atheist, but I can see the value of your message. Keep writing them”. God was truly working to get His word out and I was just overwhelmed with joy. Throughout the year she would continue to send text messages such as “My favorite line from yesterday’s article was when you said ‘God doesn’t just want to add to your life, He wants it to be valuable’. Well said, girlfriend”. Is that not God slowly being introduced in her life? One day a shift came when instead of commenting on a devotional she asked me to pray for her. She texted me and said “I believe your faith is strong. Please pray for me, Diva”. After I texted her back a prayer she said: “Yes! That prayer was so touching. Holding back tears. See you soon girl!”.

A year later God elevated my brand by adding Heart to Heart on Instagram to continue to shine His light. Of course, my friend is a faithful viewer and participant on my show. I recall my very 1st episode when she said: “Although I am an atheist I believe in you. I see goodness, peace, joy, hope, and encouragement”. Immediately I responded, “It’s the God in me that you see (insert smiling)”. On several episodes, she would interact and share her input about inspirations and would even thank me for praying for our mutual friend. God knew exactly what He was doing when she recently texted me. She said: “TGIF! Can you pray for this 70-year-old security guard at my job? He’s from the Caribbean, but lives in Brooklyn and wants to buy a house. He wants to be pre-approved, but he can’t see, to find someone to co-sign the application. Without a co-signer, he’s stuck in the process.” Of course, when she asked me to pray I did so without hesitation. A part of the prayer I said to her was “When you perform this miracle use this testimony to renew his faith in you, but most importantly to tell people it was you alone who made the way in Jesus name Amen”.

Whether you believe it or not God is using your life as a testimony, not only for believers but for unbelievers. When God is in you, His goodness can only spring forth for the unbelievers to see. Unbelievers may not believe in God for their reasons, but the work He’s doing in your life might cause them to ask you for prayer. Guess what? God has triumphed because by them asking for prayer it is signaling hope among the unbeliever.