By now you thought that you would have your Bachelors or Masters Degree? By now you thought that you would be driving your dream car? By now you thought that you would be married with kids? By now you thought you would be a homeowner? By now you thought that you would be making your desired salary? By now you thought that you would have started your business?  “By now” are words that you have thought to yourself or may have spoken to others. We have all made plans for our lives and thought “by now” we would have accomplished what we planned.

Did you ever think that “by now” God has you exactly where he wants you to be? Maybe you made a left when he told you to make a right? That one turn took you off course and has delayed your “by now”. We have all made mistakes, did things we should not have done, or did not listen to God’s prompting that was leading you in the right direction. These circumstances has delayed your destiny to “by now”. Where you are at this moment God needs you to learn how to trust Him, patiently wait in His tining, have faith, and mature in Him. Or maybe the plans that you were making for yourself are not aligned with Gods “by now” plans for you or His timing. Sometimes your “by now” is exactly where you are supposed to be. Situations, circumstances and setbacks are a part of God’s plan to mature, grow, and develop into the person who is ready for what is on the other side of “by now”.

I’ve learned that God will stop your “by now” plans if its not aligned with His will for you.  Maybe you thought “by now” you would be enrolled at a particular school getting your degree, but maybe  God is working it out for you to get a full scholarship so that you do not have to take out student loans. Or maybe you thought by now you would have your own business, but maybe God is aligning the right people your way who will invest in your idea. You do not know the situation that he is working out which is delaying where you thought or what you wanted “by now”. Do not be discouraged when you aren’t where you thought you would be “by now” because God’s “by now” will supersede the plans you made for yourself. Trust God and know that he is directing your steps on a path that leads you to the “by now” plans he has instore for you.