Psalms 18:9 NLT “He opened the heavens and came down; dark storm clouds were beneath his feet”.

When storms of life come your way, do you believe that they were sent to wreck your life? Do you consider that they came to clear your path for a blessing? Whether we can see it or believe it, there are blessings in the storm.

My mother planned her birthday trip to Puerto Rico with her best friend weeks before Hurricane Dorian was foretold to hit. When predictions were made about the Hurricane, she began to worry. She was hoping that it didn’t hit the island because she wanted to enjoy her trip. By God’s grace, the storm bypassed Puerto Rico, but it started to make its way towards Florida. What a blessing for her! The only issue was that she had a layover in Florida. She later received an email from the airlines stating that her flight could be delayed or canceled due to the storm. Moments following, she received another email informing her that she could change her flight to leave earlier! Her original arrival time in Puerto Rico was around 4:30 pm and now she would be arriving at 12:30 pm. Although the storm appeared that it was going to ruin her plans, God was blessing her back to back through it.

The night before she was scheduled to leave she asked me to pray that her flight doesn’t get canceled because of the changing weather predictions concerning the storm. Not only did I pray for her flight to not get canceled, but I also prayed for no delays, I prayed for the airline, I prayed for her safe traveling mercies, I prayed that she enjoyed every minute and all the days she planned to be on vacation. God heard and answered my prayers. Her connecting flight leaving Florida left on time. How awesome is God? Although the storm appeared that it would alter or cancel her plans there were blessings in the storm.

Sometimes storms come in your life to change your course. Some storms are sent to force you to focus on God and not your problems. Storms will often change your perspective of things when you realize God is in control. God will allow a storm to come to your life so that He can bless you in a way that you have no choice but to say “It was God, and God alone”.