Do you believe that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf? Or is the stage lighting currently being dimmed and keeping you from believing a new scene is approaching? Even though the curtains are closed right now God is up to something.

A friend of mine has been with his company for 3 years and this May he hit his one year mark with his team. He was now eligible to interview within the company for another position. While on a European vacation tour with his wife unbeknownst to him, another team was looking into him. They confidentially reached out to him while he was basking on the Amalfi Coast about a possible job opening. When he got back to the office from his vacation they asked him if he was interested in the position and he informed them that he was. A few days later they scheduled an interview and within a week he was offered the position. God was working behind the scenes, because his new position actually turned out to be a promotion!!

At the time he was not looking to interview because a month prior he had a conversation with a guy from the same team he was recently hired on about job openings. Little did my friend know that God had been working behind the scenes on his behalf lining up this opportunity for him. A month prior the job was not opened because God was preparing this position for him. At the right time God was able to open the curtains to the new scene in his life. His hard work and dedication paid off and God saw fit that with this position he will be greatly rewarded.

God is the author of our life. We do not know what He’s working out behind the scenes. You may be working hard and feel like nothing is happening, but God is going to reward you in a great way. He has things planned for us that is going to cause us to give him a standing ovation. Do not be discouraged when it appears that the curtains have closed on your stage. When it looks like a scene ended, it just means that God is writing the next scene. Keep the faith and know that God is getting ready to open the curtains and surprise you with your next act.