Psalms 37:23 NLT “The Lord directs the steps of the godly, He delights in every detail of their lives”

Was there something you were scared to do? Did you ever let fear hold you back? Or did you choose to step out on fear? After taking the first step, did you see how God directed the rest of your steps? Were you able to recognize all the blessings, opportunities, and open doors that followed the one step?

On the morning of Pray the Impossible’s birthday, I posted a picture on social media with a heartfelt testimony. I posted “June 5, 2018 at 7:13am I hit the send button and invited the world to share in on my journey. I was scared, nervous, anxious, and worried about “would people like it, what would they think, I really don’t want people to know it’s me”. BUT GOD! With fear in my heart and spirit I took the leap and 365 days later you became the best part of me. I want to thank everyone for your love, support, and encouragement over the past 12 months! I pray that I was able to impact your life through my weekly conversational testimonies or my word of the day! This is just the beginning and God has MORE INSTORE so stay tuned! Live, Love, Laugh and give God all the glory”.

After writing that message, I reflected on the emotions I felt the morning I took the first step into my destiny. My vision for Pray the Impossible could never compare to what God did for me so far this year. Later that day while I was on Instagram my first college roommate, who is one of my biggest supporters, left a comment under my picture. She posted: “Congratulations roomie! I’m so proud of you. It has been amazing to watch your journey. It’s amazing to see what God can do after you take that first step. Happy Birthday”. As I re-read those words “it’s amazing to see what God can do after you take the first step”, God dropped a revelation in my spirit. The first step of fear I took on June 5, 2018 led to numerous vending events, speaking engagements, guest appearances on podcasts, a radio show, book tour, photoshoots, 60 devotionals, over 300 words of the day, divine connections and friendships, and countless lives I impacted, influenced, and motivated. God did all of this for me after I took the first step!!!!

I promise you that all it takes is that first step and God will do the rest. When you are doing the work God called you to do He will direct your steps into greatness. He will continue to order your steps to new things, blessings, and your destiny. Even if you’re terrified, all it takes is one step for God to lead the way and delight Himself in every detail of your life.