Psalms 61: 1 NLT “O God, hear my prayer”

Have you ever needed to call on someone to say a prayer on your behalf? God hears and will answer our prayers. Sometimes God takes longer than we expected because He wants to build our confidence that all it takes is one prayer.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a friend of mine was furloughed and had not been able to get in contact with anyone regarding her unemployment benefits. Week after week, month after month, calling, emailing, and submitting the proper paperwork still to no avail was she successful at receiving unemployment. One day I received a text from her that stated, “Gurrrrlllll!!! I’m on the phone with unemployment. Please say a prayer for me. Somebody finally picked up”. I responded, “My GOD!! Dear Heavenly Father, thank you Jesus for your divine timing. God, I ask that you remember TS on today as you are showing favor to your people. You know the financial setback she incurred. God, I ask that you place it on the agent’s heart to be the vessel to provide a financial blessing for her. Let this be the day she receives a lump sum from back pay. You see the work she’s been doing Lord. Please bless and reward her today in Jesus’ name Amen.” Later that afternoon, she informed me that the prayer was answered. She was notified of the reason as to why she was not receiving her unemployment benefits. The agent let her know that the hold on her claim will be lifted in a couple of weeks and she should receive her back pay!!

Sometimes all it takes is that one prayer after a long period of waiting for God to answer you. Some situations are happening simultaneously that can hold up your blessings and answered prayer. It’s in those moments when you cry out or will have someone cry out for you in prayer that a shift occurs. All it takes is one prayer for God to hear and move on your behalf.