Have things been added to your life that you didn’t ask for? Have you ever looked up and said “But I didn’t ask for this”? Or maybe you forgot that you wanted something years ago and God added it to your life in an unexpected way? If so, I can relate to God adding more value to my life.

This year, or what seems to be every year, I asked God for a financial breakthrough. In my small thinking, I figured that it was going to come in the form of a raise or a promotion at work. Throughout this year I received small financial breakthroughs and was happy that God was answering my prayers. But little did I understand that God was setting me up to add more. One night, I was having girls night with my sister-friends and we were all catching each other up with what was going on in our lives. I was telling them how writing this book Real Talk A Conversation From My Heart To Yours was an assignment that God gave me to do.  Publishing the book, creating this blog, and now it all becoming a business was not what I asked God for this year. I just remember asking him for a financial breakthrough. At that moment, God spoke through my sister-friend and she told me “You didn’t ask for it but God gave it to you. He was setting you up so that you will never have to ask God for a fnancial breakthrough ever again. He doesn’t want you to be rich He wants you to be wealthy”. The revelation that I had just received took me into a new dimension. I forgot that I said this year I was going to pray bigger prayers, dream bigger dreams, and EXPECT BIGGER BLESSINGS. I was so caught up on how God used to bless me, that my heart was not fully open to see that God was blessing me in a new and bigger way.

I called my spiritual sister after an AHA moment because she posted a picture of me with the word “Entreprenuer”. I was filling her in about my recent conversation and revelations. I told her that I forgot about the Marketing Communictaions company that I spoke into the universe in 2010 when I was obtaining my Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications degree. My thought process at the time, was that I wanted to help people with their business by marketing and managing their social media accounts. She immediately stopped me and said “But Bran, you are HELPING PEOPLE with your blog and now your book. You’re communictaing with them through social media. You’re marketing for your own company. That’s a business once you sell goods to a consumer”. She left me speechless. After spending alone time with my thoughts, the Holy Spirit brought to my memory the year when I was unemployed and beginning my graduate program. I remembered on the first day of class we all had to share something about ourselves. I shared that I wanted to start my own Marekting Communications company. It clicked that I had spoke a business into the universe.

Maybe you can relate to asking God for one thing but He magnified it in another way that added more value to your life. Or you may have forgotten that you asked God for something years ago and He added it to your life in a more fulfiulling way. Today I want to encourage you to open your mind, heart, and spirit to receive God adding things to your life in a way that you will not expect. God doesn’t just want to add to your life He wants it to be valuable.