Did you decide that you want to go on a diet and need someone to help hold you accountable? Or maybe you’re on a journey seeking the things of God and need someone to help encourage you along the way. Whether you’re aware of it or not, God has someone in mind to help hold you accountable.

On January 7, 2019, my church participated in a 21 day liquid fast. The instructions were to drink liquids only from 6am-6pm until January 27th and to wake up at 6am for prayer call. I thought to myself “How am I going to survive?”. Anyone who truly knows me, knows how I feel about food and sleep. I love food and when I don’t eat I get hangry LOL (hungry + angry). I love my sleep and will hit the snooze button as many times as possible. This was truly a sacrifice, but I knew I had to be obedient. The Sunday before the fast was set to begin I had a speaking engagement and my friend came to support me. I began telling her about my fast for church and interesting enough her and her church were fasting starting on the 7th too. She said that she was interested and wanted to participate in the 21 day liquid fast. Later that evening she came to my house to use my Nutri bullet to pre-make her smoothies for the week. We decided that we were going to be accountability partners and help each other survive the fast.

We were both expecting to hear from God, seek Him, spend time in His word, and to stretch our faith. We knew we could trust and depend on each other to survive the next 21 days. The first week days 1,3, and 5 were not so good for me and days 2,4, and 6 were not so good for her. On each other’s bad days we were able to encourage each other, pray with and for one another, and lift each other up. We participated in a 21 day devotional fast on the Bible app and were able to share our prayers and thoughts after each reading. As the days and weeks progressed we made sure to hold each other accountable with daily check ins, attending Bible study together, and worshipping at a couple church services together. This fast revealed that we have so much in common and this was all a part of Gods plan. We realized that based off of one of our weekly in-person conversations that we needed each other to build one another’s faith. It became clear as day that God orchestrated this moment. Becoming accountability partners helped to make the 21 days easier than I had expected.

God will align you with people for the greater good. Two people working together to accomplish a goal is better than one. We were made to help each other prosper in the things God has called us to do. Becoming accountability partners with someone is life changing. It forms a bond, takes you to another level, and gives you a testimony to glorify God. When you have an accountability partner you have no choice but to succeed, because if one falls the other is positioned to make the catch.