My name is Brandi J-E McAlister, MS. I am a woman of God. I am not perfect nor am I claiming to be. I am a spiritual being who has a growing intimate relationship with God. I know my purpose on earth is to help, uplift, and encourage others. I believe that God is using me as a vessel to spread His word to people in this generation. People in this generation are seeking God, want to strengthen their relationship with Him, or they need to witness God showing up in the lives of others. I am the friend who is always there to give advice based on my own experiences, godly wisdom, and knowledge. I always seem to go through a difficult situation first, and then God sends a friend my way to help them get through a similar situation that they are facing.

Devotional blogs have been one of many ways to help me get through the challenges of life. Reading devotional blogs always renew my mind, spirit and heart, while encouraging me that situations will get better. My goal for 2018 was to be published on my favorite devotional site that I read daily. But it wasn’t until my sister friend Renauda suggested that I just create my own devotional blog. She told me that there is too much God in me for me to do something that small. At that moment it clicked that this was one way that God wanted me to reach more people who need encouragement. He wanted me to share His word with people who are looking for Him besides my close circle.

Iyanla Vanzant said in an interview “My job is to give you the information. I’m not attached to the outcome. What you do with it is your business. I’m attached to giving you excellence while you’re in my presence”. I pray this blog is able to help you, encourage you, increase your faith, heal you, and give you the peace that you are longing for.

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Lead by Example

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