Brandi J-E McAlister, MS, CSC, CLC


My name is Brandi J-E McAlister, MS, CSC, CLC. I am a Certified Spiritual Coach. I am a Certified Life Coach. I coined myself Spiritual Friendvisor, which is a friend who gives advice based on my personal experiences, and godly wisdom. I know that I was created to encourage, help, and uplift people who feel lost, need spiritual guidance, and to see an example to inspire them to step out on faith.

After being baptized in 2017, my newfound relationship and spiritual journey with God changed the trajectory of my existence. January of 2018, I recall asking God to use me as a vessel not truly knowing or understanding what that entailed. Two years later, God established my purpose when I authored Real Talk: A Conversation from My Heart to Yours A 30 Day Devotional and My Way or God’s Will? The Choice is Yours.

I learned through this transition that God chose me for this unique assignment because I’m relatable; I am what this generation needs in order to see and experience God in a new way. I pride myself in showing others that you can be authentic, walk in your purpose, live life to the fullest, and still love and serve God in the exclusive way He’s called you.