The greatest comeback story known to mankind is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He was crucified and 3 days later He rose. If God can resurrect His one and only begotten son from death, do you not think that He’s able to resurrect things in your life, giving you a great comeback story? The suffering you are experiencing is the set up for your comeback story. Just like Jesus, the pain and hurt was for a purpose, but when He rose His comeback story led Him to a seat at the right hand of God on the throne. What story do you know that is better than that?

God can and He will restore what was taken from you. If you lost your job, have a broken relationship with a family member, or received a bad report from the doctor, God can and He will restore your relationship, wealth, and health. Sometimes God allows things to end so that He can prepare you for a new chapter. The purpose of Him removing those things from your life is so that He can blow your mind and those around you with the comeback story. He wants you and those watching to see that He is God and God alone. He deserves all the glory, honor, and praise. When things end or are taken from you, God will always restore it with something greater. A greater bond, a better job, and a healthier lifestyle. Whatever that “thing” is, it was only for a season. What’s getting ready to come will be the turning point of your story.

It may look like your relationship with your family member cannot be restored, or that you will never be healed from that sickness, or that you may never find a job, but I am here to tell you to have hope and believe God. God is the author of our life, and it is written that He will restore your fortunes. Have faith and know that in due time your restoration season will come. Your comeback story will be well written. It will be one, if not many, of the best stories written about you. So if God is a God who can bring His son back to life, will He not bring back something that was taken from you?